The Julia Clark School

Association News

September 26, 2016

Early Winnipeg lacked many types of health and social services as it made the transition from frontier community to urban centre. The Christian Women’s Union of Winnipeg was formed in 1883 to care for children who had been abused, neglected or abandoned. So rapid was its growth, the operation had to relocate twice to larger buildings. To address the constant challenge of overcrowding, a large parcel of land was purchased on Academy Road in 1909.

The boys’ and girls’ dormitory buildings have been demolished, but the original school, built in 1918 remains. It was named for Julia (Murray) Clark, a descendant of Selkirk settlers who was president of the Children’s Home of Winnipeg at the time. Architect J. B. Mitchell designed many Winnipeg schools. He was noted for innovations that made schools safer, healthier and more efficient. The Julia Clark School had 4 classrooms with playrooms in the basement. The complex eventually became a part of Deer Lodge Veterans’ Convalescent Hospital after World War II, and then The Assiniboine Residential School for Indian Children in the 1950’s. The school is now an office building. c. City of Winnipeg 1997.